Tournament FAQ

How do I register for tournaments?

Open Hungama Games app -> Select the Game -> Select The Tournament -> Pay the entry fee for the tournament and begin the game

How do I check my rank in a tournament?

Open Hungama Games app -> Select the Game -> Click on leader board

How do I check what games have I played?

Open Hungama Games app>> Open Your profile >> View Game history >> Select date and view date wise

How much do I need to pay to register for a tournament?

Each tournament has a specified entry fee that you need to pay to join it. There are also tournaments where the entry fee is specified as a certain number of coins. You can check the entry fees for the tournament in front of each tournament's name.

Can I use coins to register for tournaments?

You can register for tournaments using coins when the entry fee for the tournament is specified in coins. These tournaments can be found inside each of the games.

For how long do the tournaments run?

Tournaments are available for durations as low as 60 minutes to as high as even a day or more. You can check the Tournament's Starting and Ending time in front of each tournament

Is there minimum participation needed for a tournament to begin?

Yes, each tournament has specific minimum requirements on the number of participants needed for a tournament to begin, unless explicitly mentioned. Winners will be awarded prizes based on their rank.

How many can win in one tournament?

Number of winners in a given tournament and their prize money varies from one tournament to another. The prize money distribution for any tournament is available in the details of the tournament accessible.

How many times can I attempt in a tournament?

Unless specified explicitly, there is, generally, no limit on how many times you can attempt to play the game within the duration of the tournament.

How do I win a tournament?

You win in a tournament if your rank in the tournament is eligible for prize money as specified in the prize distribution table for the tournament. Your rank is calculated based on your best score across all your attempts during the course of the tournament.

What is the prize money?

In every tournament, based on your rank in the tournament, you are eligible for a prize money. You can check the Prize table before joining the tournament. You can access this Prize Table when you click on the Tournament.

Can I win real money if I only have coins to play?

No. Tournaments where entry fee is quoted in coins, the prize money is generally coins only.

What are guaranteed prize tournaments?

Guaranteed Prize Tournaments are tournaments without a requirement on the minimum number of players needed for the tournament to begin. For example, in a tournament with 100 open slots and only 20 people have joined, the tournament is still valid and prizes will be awarded as announced. Unless otherwise specified, all tournaments generally are guaranteed prize tournaments.

How is my rank calculated in a tournament?

Rank in a tournament is calculated by sorting (in descending order) the best scores of every participant across all their attempts during the course of the tournament.

What happens when scores are tied?

When n players tie on the same score, all of them will get the same rank and the next n-1 ranks are skipped. The total prize money of all the ranks that are taken by these n players is summed up and equally distributed among these n players.

I registered for a tournament but couldn't play a single game. Will I get my money back?

No. Once you have registered for a tournament, and the entry fee has been deducted, it cannot be refunded. So, please make sure of the start time and end time before registering.

Can I unregister for a tournament before it begins?

No. Once you have registered for a tournament, and the entry fee has been deducted, it cannot be refunded.

My cash or coins were deducted but the registration was not successful. What should I do?Apologies, if you have faced this situation. Cash or tokens that have been deducted will be credited back to your cash or token balances automatically. If you do not see the credit within 24 hours, please get in touch with our customer support team.

What is the daily streak bar and how do I benefit?

We reward you for login in daily on to the app, you can track your daily reward progress here.

Do these rewards expire?

The daily reward once collected do not have an expiry but if you do not login everyday then streak reset to day 1

How do I access my profile?

You can access your profile by clicking on profile icon in the bottom navigation

How do I edit my profile?

Click on edit profile and you can add your nickname and update your Avatar

How many times can I edit my name, nickname and gender?

Name and gender will be updated when you complete your KYC process, nickname can be changed as many times as you wish

Why should I keep my Notification ON?

Allowing the notification will keep to up to date with all the new games, offering and daily bonus, winnings etc.

Can I change my Avatar picture?

Yes you can change the Avatar as many times as you want

Are Avatar free or do I need use my cash or coins?

Some Avatar are available for free, some can be purchased via coins and others by cash

Once purchased Avatar stay for how long?

Once the Avatar is purchased it stays forever

What is KYC?

Full form of KYC is "Know your Customer" we collect standard details like Pan, Aadhar and Bank details so we can easily transfer your winnings back in your own wallet.

Why do I need to complete KYC process?

Yes,it's an important step, without this you will not be able to redeem your winnings

What do different state of KYC mean?

KYC pending mean the KYC is yet to be completed || KYC approved means all your documents are proper and you can now start withdraw your winnings || KYC rejected means some of your documents are not correct || KYC re-upload means documents needs to be re uploaded as the current have some missing information

How do I see the played tournaments/battle of previous dates?

All the participated Battles-Tournaments which are over will be visible in Past history, can we search day wise

What is the difference between Ongoing and Past History?

All the currently ongoing or participated Tournaments will be visible in Ongoing and all the participated Battles-Tournaments which are over will be visible in Past history can we searched day wise

Where do I reach out incase, I have queries?

Tap on Profile -> Click on Hamburger menu -> Select Support option and enter your query and the team will get back to you in 24hrs

How do I logout from the app

Tap on Profile -> Click on Hamburger menu -> Select the Logout option